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When will be released?

The market launch for Europe will be in 2019 Q3.
The market launch for selected Asian countries will be in 2020 Q1.

Which countries can use

Creditors from any country may use
However, borrowers must be from countries in which is officially launched.

Is the use of cryptocurrencies required for


In which languages will be available?

Our intention is to make a truly global platform. All major world languages will eventually be supported.

Which cryptocurrencies do you support?

Ether and ERC20 Ethereum tokens. If EOS or other smart contract platforms become popular, we will add support for them, too.

Which end user platforms are supported?

Our first release supports the desktop Chrome browser with Metamask. In subsequent releases, additional browsers and mobile platforms will be introduced.

How many Tokens will be minted?

250 million tokens will be minted:
80% are allocated for the ICO.
20% are allocated for the long-term partners, advisors and the incentive package.


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  • The referred person get a 1% bonus on all tokens purchased
  • The referrer gets a 5% bonus on what the referrer purchased
  • Tokens in referral program are rewarded after our ICO

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